Pop Up Clinics

CSE offers an ongoing series of free Pop Up Clinics to equip LGBTQ Southerners with resources, information and tools to protect their rights and to live healthy, thriving lives. Led by volunteer attorneys and transgender leaders, these clinics respond to immediate legal, health, emotional, spiritual and economic needs; they are led by CSE staff and volunteer service providers. Please check each clinic for specific topics that will be covered.

On March 26, we kicked off a series of Protect Yourself Clinics. Led by and for transgender folks, these clinics feature a self defense class, training in using pepper spray and safety apps, and HIV testing and counseling.


April 8: Protect Yourself Clinic – Montgomery, Alabama
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April 6: Protect Yourself Clinic at TimeOut Youth – Charlotte, NC
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April 1: Community Law Workshop (CLW) – Winston Salem, NC
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March 26: Protect Yourself Clinic – Greenville, SC
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Your gift today – whether it is $5 or $250 – will allow us to respond to immediate needs in the LGBTQ community and be a forceful, vigilant voice for LGBTQ legal rights.


Community Law Workshops: Since launching in 2011, CSE’s Legal Team has offered free Community Law Workshops (CLW) which empower LGBT people in the South to protect our rights to the full extent possible under current laws and to equip local attorneys to advocate for their LGBT clients. CLWs focus on topics such as name changes, health care power of attorney, and employment rights.

Protect Yourself Clinics: LGBTQ Southerners face real risks of physical attack, intimidation and threats. Since the start of 2017, eight transgender women of color have been murdered in our country, three of whom lived in the South. Trans youth in the South regularly report bullying and threats in schools.  HB2 has now been on the books for more than a year in North Carolina and each day that it remains in effect, it threatens the safety of transgender people.  In this climate, we are kicking off a new series of free “Protect Yourself” clinics across the South. Led by and for transgender folks,  the clinics feature a self defense class, training in using pepper spray and safety apps, and HIV testing and counseling. Each participant also receives a free can of pepper spray and a flashlight. Plus, we offer a free meal.  This spring, we’ll be running 12 “Protect Yourself” clinics, across NC, SC, GA, TN and AL.

Direct Services Pop Up Clinics: At these clinics, community members can access an array of free health, wellness and educational services focused on the needs of LGBT Southerners, such as HIV testing, consults with attorneys and chaplains, trans health resources, and financial literacy coaching.

Trans Employment Clinics: Join us for a free day of learning, training, resources and support focused on transgender employment issues.: At these clinics, trans folks can access training, support and resources to help them gain and sustain employment.

Name Change Clinics: At these clinics we assist trans folks with the necessary paperwork to change their legal name. We walk folks through the paperwork line-by-line, notarize the necessary paperwork, and provide folks with finger print cards, and instructions on how to complete the process.

Trans Resource Clinics: At these Clinics we offer a variety of trans resources including name change clinics, resources to help fund your transition,  journals by trans folks for trans folks, peer to peer support, and more.

Learn about past Pop Up Clinics and CLW’s here

Questions: Email or call Ivy Hill – ivy[at]southernequality.org at 828.242.1559.

Report violence, discrimination, and harassment against LGBTQ people

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Trans in the South Resource Guide

In the pages of this edition of Trans in the South you’ll find lists of trans-friendly service providers – from doctors to attorneys to counselors – across the South as well as resources to assist with funding medical transition.

You can download a PDF of Trans in the South: A Guide to Resources by clicking here.