The LGBTQ Rights Toolkit website is brought to you by the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE).

CSE is based in Asheville, North Carolina, and works across the South to promote full LGBTQ equality – both legal and lived. Our work starts by asking what a LGBTQ Southerner needs when they decide that they are ready to lead transformative equality efforts in their  hometown: they will likely have to disrupt longstanding personal relationships and community safety nets and face day-to-day animus, often while needing economic and legal support themselves. Tactically, we thus apply a range of tools to support grassroots LGBTQ leaders throughout the South, including direct services, civil disobedience, direct action, litigation, grant-making, and both digital and old school organizing.


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Report violence, discrimination, and harassment against LGBTQ people

LGBT Crowdmap

Trans in the South Resource Guide

In the pages of this edition of Trans in the South you’ll find lists of trans-friendly service providers – from doctors to attorneys to counselors – across the South as well as resources to assist with funding medical transition.

You can download a PDF of Trans in the South: A Guide to Resources by clicking here.