Why Transgender Health Care is Primary Care

BY IN Transgender, Uncategorized On January 31, 2018

Find access to adequate medical care is vital for all people, but for trans people in the rural South that can be a challenging task. Check out this article in Scalawag Magazine where our LGBTQ Rights Toolkit Coordinator explores why we see this enormous gap in services, and what we can do to bridge the divide.

“Transgender health care is primary care. We have the ability to bridge this gap, and make adequate healthcare available for trans folks who live in the rural South. We must dispel this myth that trans care is specialty care. We must empower medical providers with resources for treating trans folks. We must make healthcare accessible for trans people.

Access to healthcare is among the most basic of human rights. Every person should have access to at least one primary care physician in their town that will treat them with dignity and respect.” – Ivy Gibson-Hill


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